Corporate Mugs

Wouldn’t it be great to give your staff more than just a plain old coffee mug as a corporate Christmas gift this December?

Isabella Blake Creations is bringing you corporate mugs with a difference this December. Partnering with MSO mugs we are offering personalized mugs.

You can choose to personalize each mug with an employee’s name and the company logo or our second option is the employee's name with the way they like their coffee. Please see the examples below. Please note that design will be custom made for your business.

Our service allows you to give your hardworking employees a personalized gift at fraction of the price other companies are doing it. Our high-quality mugs are heat baked so they do not peel off or wash away.

We do not charge extra for colour prints. The only additional cost is delivery and if you would like a two-toned mug.  We have sourced the cheapest delivery option for your business.

The more you buy the cheaper our mugs get and we do not have a limit on orders. No order is too big or too small. We deliver across South Africa.