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How to make a purchase and make payments

How to make a purchase

Before you can make a purchase through our store you need to register as a customer. Click the link to create an account: https://www.isabellablakecreations.com/account/register


To view all the different collections click the link to ALL COLLECTIONS. Click the link to view collections: https://www.isabellablakecreations.com/collections/


Select the size/colour of the item you want and add to cart. You may add multiple items to the cart before checkout.

Select the Check-out button

Complete the Shipping address with as much information as possible.
Continue to shipping method

Select the shipping method you require

Select your payment method.


  1. Credit Card information is not stored on our system.
  2. You will be required to sign up to
    to make a secure payment.
  3. If you select bank deposit you can pay via EFT.
  4. Once you select bank deposit you have 4 hours to make the payment before the order will automatically be canceled.
  5. Please note there are more payment options under PAYPAL payment
  6. Proof of payments must be bank proof of payments. Items will only be processed once your payment reflects or we are sent a valid proof of payment.